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    General introduction to the ATDB databases

    V5 QueryBuilder

    Find 1 or few aircraft
    • by registration
    • by military serial
    • by MSN
    • by Sel-Cal code or ICAO 24-bit address
    • use jokers for fuzzy search
    • by aircraft type and registration
    • by aircraft type and MSN
    Find a list of aircraft
    • by aircraft type, version or model
    • by manufacturer name
    • add filter on MSN range
    • add filter on manufacture or delivery date
    • add filter on airframe status
    • add filter on engines
    • add filter on base country or region
    • add filter on airport of storage, part-out
    Find a census for an aircraft type
    • for one or several aircraft types, version or model
    • breakdown by airframes status
    • historical and planned deliveries
    • breakdown by geographical region
    • available airframes for sale or lease
    • top operators
    • top leasing companies
    • new aircraft orders and used transactions
    Find aircraft operators, owners or lessors
    • search by company name, IATA or ICAO code
    • add filter on company type: airlines, air forces, leasing companies, ..
    • filter by company status, nationality or region
    • filter by type of aircraft in use or in portfolio
    Find subfleets or operators fleets
    • by operator name and aircraft type, version or model
    • add filter by aircraft status and ownership level
    • retrieve historical snapshots
    • expand to filtered list of aircraft used by specific operator
    Find portfolios of leasing companies
    • for specific leasing companies or lease managers
    • for owner trustee or bank
    • for specific part-out companies
    Find airports
    • by city or airport name
    • by IATA or ICAO code
    • by country or geographical coordinates
    • retrieve details and maps
    • retrieve list of stored aircraft
    Find specific events
    • new aircraft orders
    • split by aircraft type or manufacturer
    • used aircraft transactions
    • recent events linked to a specific airline
    • safety events
    • filter by type, airport, country or region

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