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User Agreement


  • The information provided by AeroTransport Data Bank is believed to be correct as at the date of last update. AeroTransport Data Bank currently holds details of over 200,000 aircraft records, and on an annual basis there are changes of information to approximately 30% of the total.

  • Whilst reasonable care is taken in compiling the information, AeroTransport Data Bank does not warrant the data in it to be free of error or omission. Accordingly any use that is made of the information available is at the user's own risk and does not obviate the need to make any necessary enquiries or searches.

  • The information contained on this site and associated products is believed to be from reliable sources and is confirmed before being posted or published. AeroTransport Data Bank makes no guarantees or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of its content. AeroTransport Data Bank will not be liable to any user or company for any inaccuracy, mis-statements or mistakes posted on its web site or associated products. This site and these products may contain unforeseen errors and omissions. AeroTransport Data Bank will not be liable for damages arising from the content of its web site or associated products. This applies to all damages: including compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property, and claims of third parties. Information contained on this web site and associated products does not reflect the conclusions, opinions or official positions of any government agency, airline, aircraft manufacturer or organization, and was not reviewed or validated by any of these.

    Note that the format in which the data is supplied may be subject to change in the future.

  • AeroTransport Data Bank does not accept any liability for financial loss or any other liabilities that may be incurred by relying on its Database.

  • Any purchase of AeroTransport subscription service or product includes acceptance of these sales conditions. All conditions are subject to change without notice.


  • Copyright are vested in AeroTransport Data Bank and it shall not be copied or distributed, sold or hired out or otherwise dealt with, without a written consent from AeroTransport Data Bank. All rights reserved for all countries. None of the contents on this web site or any portion thereof may be reproduced, distributed, stored in a retrieval system, used in a spreadsheet (except the Excel files obtained from a premium subscription) or database, or retransmitted via any other means - electronically, mechanically, by photocopying, recording, or otherwise, or altered in any way without the permission of AeroTransport Data Bank.

  • Any commercial, but also non-commercial usages (including rework) without the publisher express written agreement will be prosecuted. This web site and its associated products are protected by all according laws about copyright holding and particularly by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 2 of the United States of America and the article L.121-1 of the French "Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle" as long as this site is hosted simultaneously in USA and France.

  • Visitors to this site agree not to decrypt, unobfuscate, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, or distribute the Java applets at this site. Any violation of copyright within the pages of this web site or on other web sites which may be linked to this site from is unknowingly and the material involved will be removed immediately from this web site if it indeed appears to be copyrighted.

  • AeroTransport Data Bank and the AeroTransport Data Bank logos are trademarks of AeroTransport Data Bank. All rights reserved. All other trademarks appearing on AeroTransport' Web site or associated products are the property of their respective owners.

Subscription terms of use

  • Subscriptions start the day when payment is received. If payment is done through one of the secure payment servers by using credit card this is normally within minutes following the completion of the payment transaction. The payment server sends an email to the new customer providing temporary access codes, thus enabling immediate usage of AeroTransport Data Bank services and simultaneously inform ATDB of the new transaction. Within days ATDB will issue permanent access codes to the new customer.

  • if payment is made by wire bank transfer, check or money order subscription starts the day when credit is received (usually a 3-week delay for checks). If payment is done by other available means, membership starts when the payment is received by the AeroTransport office.

  • For renewals, membership starts on the first day following the previous renewal time period. Payment can be made at any time prior to this date without penalty.

  • When a subscription is initiated with Paypal, the user is made aware of the automatic renewal process which will renew his subscription at the completion of the current subscription, provided that his credit limit with Paypal has not been exceeded and his credit card remains valid. Subscribers may un-subscribe from Paypal at any time before the completion of their current subscription to avoid this automatic renewal. Note that Paypal does not provide ATDB with any information about subscribers payment methods.

  • In case of cancellations at subscriber's request after the initial month, no refund will take place. ATDB may keep a nominal fee to cover extra costs associated with the refund process with the payment server. [ Refund policy ]

  • If a subscriber wishes to upgrade to a higher subscription level, (s)he needs to purchase the appropriate subscription. The unused portion of the previous subscription will be reused as credit to extend the validity period of the new subscription. [ Upgrade paths ]

  • User and Extended subscriptions are valid for one person only and may not be transferred to any other person or company except with written permission from AeroTransport Data Bank. Note that ATDB actively monitors all accesses, including geographical points of origin and configuration of computers. Sharing access codes and passwords is strictly prohibited and may lead to immediate subscription termination.

  • Weekly newsletters sent with Extended-level subscriptions are for the exclusive use of one single person only; specifically, forwarding the email to other recipients is prohibited. ATDB reserves the right to implement any applicable tracking mechanism to monitor email forwarding. Failure to adhere to the policy above will be considered a breach of contract and may lead to account suspension, early termination or civil liabilities.

  • Professional and Premium subscriptions are valid for a maximum of 10 persons sharing the same Internet domain (eg. boeing.com, aercap.com) and does not include any grant for further distribution of the collected information (including the daily alerter email) within or outside the subscribed domain or organization. For more than 10 users or more than 1 Internet domain, you need to purchase additional subscription licences, as required. For specific licence agreement, including site-wide, or worldwide licence, please contact ATDB.

  • The Global Airlines Directory available at no cost in Excel format to premium subscribers may not be distributed outside your company's office and ATDB expects reasonable use of this product. Copyright fully remains with AeroTransport Data Bank, and any re-work and/or re-distribution is strictly prohibited. ATDB reserves the right to implement any applicable tracking mechanism to monitor distribution of the generated Global Airlines Directory.

  • Failure to adhere to the policy above will be considered a breach of contract and may lead to account suspension, early termination or civil liabilities.

  • Subscribers are not allowed to distribute, re-work, re-load to another computer system or re-use by any mean the HTML web pages and Excel spreadsheet files generated by ATDB. See the Copyright section above. Any re-use by any mean, including non-electronic distribution, of any data or portion thereof obtained from any ATDB service must be pre-approved by AeroTransport Data Bank.

  • ATDB grants subscribers access to its online services through the use of a normal Internet browser. In particular, use of automatic web retrieval tools or repeated sequential queries to download a substantial portion of the databases is strictly prohibited. ATDB may suspend or revoke accounts which uses such tools or exhibit a similar behaviour. In addition ATDB may request clarification if the volume of data retrieved by a user during a sustained period of time exceeds reasonable fair usage of online ATDB services.

Service Level Agreement

  • ATDB is committed to provide un-interrupted 24 x 7 availability to our subscribers. Our external databases are hosted by a primary leading service provider with its own service level agreement aimed to provide permanent availability.
  • We monitor all scheduled and unscheduled downtimes and we are informed immediately when our databases cannot be reached from the Internet. ATDB uses a third party for monitoring: siteuptime.com. Their statistics show that ATDB has always achieved an uptime ratio greater than 98.7%.
  • ATDB manages secondary mirror servers hosted by different companies which are kept dormant but remain permanently synchronized. Should our primary servers be down for whatever reasons and for an extended period of time, ATDB will email its subscribers with the URL of the secondary server to use. This emergency protocol had to be activated only once in 2004.
  • ATDB maintains two primary domains: aerotransport.org and atdb.aero. This guarantees that ATDB can be reached in case of a domain failure or worldwide DNS error.
  • Payments handled by Paypal benefit from the service level agreements of this company. In particular, buyers are fully protected by Paypal's Buyer Protection Policy.
  • Support is available by email only, check the 'Help' pages for contact information. We target a response time of 8 hours or less.
  • Although not formally ISO-9001 certified, ATDB is fully aware of the requirements of this certification and members of the ATDB management team have significant past experiences of implementing ISO-9001 certifications in large organizations.

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