NEPAL 2015

At ATDB we felt obliged to rush a special project for Nepal.

So we made a call through our network of photographers to gather a collection of rare Nepal-related aircraft.

If you enjoy these photographs, then please consider making a donation to one of the NGO's currently helping the Nepalese people and visitors. <-!--

We have selected some NGO's which accept online donation and have aviation activities (etiher with their own fleet of aircraft, or as a significant charterer of supplies flights):

Obviously ATDB is not affiliated with any of these NGO's, is not retributed in any way, and cannot be held accountable for the good use of your donations.



If you can provide some additional photographs or feel that a NGO should be added above, please contact us.

Photographs have been supplied by: Jacques Guillem, Christian Laugier, Frans van Zelm, Alexandre Avrane, .. and others